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Karen Horton and Company
5613 S. Donnybrook
Tyler, Texas 75703
Phone: (903) 561-4472
Fax: (903) 509-2619

Tyler Candle Product Info

Fragrance Descriptions

Family Tradition NEW - Cinnamon, Clove & Brown Sugar drench Ripe Raisins doused in Rum! Creamy Vanilla & crushed Tonka Beans complete this NEW MUST HAVE!!!

Brandnew NEW - Money, Money, Money! Fresh ozonic awakens, cedar and oak moss complete!

Splurge NEW - The richest exytreme! Sweet orange, mandarin & Bergamot meld with clove and hot pepper! Excessive hints of musk and vanilla rush to create a Dramatic Finale!

Babydoll NEW - That unmistakable baby fresh scent from the infamous pink baby lotion! Proclaimed for years as the #1 choice of hospitals! Need we say more? Candle Color is Soft Nude

Hard2Handle NEW
- Tuberose & Jasmine lay over sandlewood & warm notes of vanilla to create an unmistakable fragrance! Often mistaken for being difficult the inspiration for this fragrance simply allow themselves in luxury in their everyday lives! Candle Color is Beverly Hills Gold

Major League NEW - A masculine blend of Sandalwood, Musk & Patchouli bursting with freshness and clarity of crisp citris and brisk herbs. Classic yet commanding! Candle Color is Antique Gold

Vignette NEW - This fragrance harmony is expressed through three pulsations; pink floral, soft amber, and volumtuous woods. It develops quickly, rounding out into the warm tones , dusted in a soft, velvety sensuality! Candle Color is White

Cathedral NEW - Surround yourself in the deep rich aroma of bergamot & incense. It is warm, velvety and woody - yet slightly sweet. Due to the overwhelming requests for this grandeur fragrance, it is once again attainable!

Candy Cane - Remember the minty sweetness of your first candy cane? Relive the moment with this great peppermint candle. Layered with the traditional red/white/red stripe!

Christmas Cheer - A three layered delight! First savor "A Christmas Tradition", which then melts and blends with French Vanilla, which layers over and blends with Warm Cinnamon.

Cuddle NEW - Awaken memories of perfect nights held close by the one you love nestled in front of a hot fire! Vanilla and smoldering embers combine with amber, vetiver and musk to create the most comforting, cozy atmosphere in your home. Create the feeling of a cozy evening spent by a warm fire. Cashmere Gray in color.

Cashmere Elegance - Unpredictable and unique, the essence of femininity and privilege! Peony is richly drenched with Rose de Mai, Sandlewood, Vanilla, and Cashmere Woods combine to create a regal experience! Princess Pink in color.

Icon - An invigorating, fresh fragrance as legendary as the leading man who wears it! Spicy, sporty, original and truly unforgettable! Notes of sandlewood blend with ambergris, violet leaves, french verbena and florentine iris to create the untimate aromasensory experience! Pale gold in color.

Frosted Pomegranate NEW FOR HOLIDAY!Pomegranate with hints of cranberry begin this fruity feast. Mint and green tea add a unique twist, a frosting of vanilla completes this fragrance. Candle color Pomegranate Red

Sour Cream Coffee Cake NEW FOR FALL!Tart sour cream, rich cinnamon and brown sugar create this warm aroma treat! Candle color Cinnamon Tan

Head Over Heals NEW!Driven by the desire to obtain the complete contrast to sultry! An oriental harmony begins with mandarin, jasmine and vanilla complete. Candle color white

Miss Priss NEW!Supremely sophisticated! Rich florals lay over amber to create the ultimate luxury! Candle Color Pink

A Christmas TraditionA tantalizing blend of oranges, apricots and tangerines smothered with ginger, clove and cinnamon. A true smell of Christmas. Candle color red.

HolidayTart cranberries swirled with sweet juicy mandarin oranges topped with a bottle of chilled champagne! A true celebration of holiday! Candle color Cranberry red

HomecomingMemories come to mind of falling leaves, football games, and family gatherings. Spiced orange and cinnamon are combined with allspice to complete this warm and inviting fragrance. Candle color Golden Amber

Pumpkin spicePumpkims simmered with ginger & cloves and a dash of nutmeg completes this giving fragrance. Candle color pumpkin

Seasons GreetingsMulberry smothered in orange puree and allspice! A classic holiday aroma!!! Candle color Burgandy

VintageRemembrance of freshly cut tress from Christmas past, the Basil blend with Eucalyptus and White Cedars are sure to refresh the ambiance. Crisp yet clean with a hint of Vanilla and Moss invite you to reminisce. Candle color Vintage White

Apple OrchardA crisp, tart blend of apple, apricot and pear with hints of lime and fresh cut grass! Candle color red

Bleach BlondeA crisp, invigorating scent reminiscent of sand, warm suntan oil & sea mist. Very inviting and somewhat overpowering, hence the name Beach Blonde! Candle color Pale Yellow

Blueberry Blitz Overload on blueberries! Untamed, tart & invigorating! Candle Color Cream

CelebrityBecome your own!!! A sweet, exotic, warm & spicy fragrance that quickly envelopes & creates a mood of excess!!! Candle Color Platinum White

ChateauSet the mood for a genuine moment of tranquility! Relieve stress and create a truly soothing atmosphere with the timelessness of French lavender from the hills of Provence. Simply light, draw a bath and unwind. Candle Color Lavender

CinnabunsHmmm..... Sweet cinnamon rolls straight from the oven! Candle color Lt. Tan

CowboyNearly decadent in its sensuality, loaded with the rugged aroma of leather! Candle Color Leather

Cucumber MelonFresh cut melon melded with crisp cucumber - great for summer! Candle Color Lime/Pale Pink

DivaA warm and complex fragrance overflowing with delicious fruits and rich florals. Rich aromatic chocolate and amber complete this luscious blend! Candle color Ecru

Drama Rich vetiver, sensual jasmine, and feminine ylang ylang create an aromatic feast. Dedicated to those of us who have our dramatic moments & those who deal with them. Candle color Gold

Dolce Vita Where sensuality and femininity live side-by-side! Plunge straight into the heart of deep floral accords. Full-bodied Tea nad bergamot begin the temptation! Sabac, jasmine, orchid, freesia and patchouli come together to create the power to make everything seem more positive.

EggnogRich eggnog dusted with nutmeg! Continuously requested year-round! Some things are worth waiting for! Candle Color Cream

ElevateDeep sweet fig intertwined with plum & bergamot with an undertone of sandalwood. A fragrance created for those truly on a higher plane! Candle Color Burnt Gold

English IvyA fragrance of sheer feminine delight, made ever lush with florals blooming on a bed of English ivy. Truly enchanting. Candle color Lt. Sage

EnvayDaring almost arrogant blend of Italian Bergamot, Brazilian orange & galbanum begin the captivation. Masculine patchouli, amber & velvet musk combine to mesmerize & amaze!! Extremely long-lasting, never complacent... Brilliant & Unforgettable! Candle Color Steel

French MarketFresh floral with notes of gardenia and tuberose, extremely unique! Candle color Cream

Fleur De Lis A timeless fragrance with a heady, sun-kissed feel wrapped in the exotic lushness of faraway lands. Tart pomegranates create the mysterious heart of the amazing fragrance. An elixir for the senses!

French Vanilla OakLight camphor moss atop a warm, sensual blend of creamy vanilla, soft amber, cedarwood and sandalwood. Just when you thought you knew vanilla! Candle color Deepest Taupe

Girly GirlStarts bashful, sweet and slightly innocent. Quickly becomes brisk and fabulously flirtatious! Candle color Lavender

GlamtasticRich blackberry vanilla unites with the glamorous pomegranate to create luxurious bliss! Delicious vanilla with a minute amount of lilac seduced & warms the imagination! An unconstrained celebration of spring! Candle color - Off White topped with Blackberry Swirl

GoldleavesJasmine, hyacinth and exotic lily of the valley meld with a background of moss and musk to create and elaborate feast for the senses. Very Classy! Candle color white.

High MaintenanceOur #1 fragrance! Floral, woody blend combined with patchouli and vanilla with a heavy musk undertone. Very sophisticated and truly addictive!!!!! C

Hippie ChickA hint of the freshest vanilla bean melds with rich exotic patchouli to transport you legally to the days of the VW bus, Rock & Roll and tie dye T-shirts. Candle color Avocado

High Profile Welcome to a vibrant lifestyle that emits glamour, sophistication and unforgettable experiences! Lemon is infused with tuberose, gardenia and jasmine to release an explosion of life!

Ira JeanA tribute to eternal femininity and southern refinement! Beautiful floral bouquet of Jasmine and Rose, combines with Musk and Sandalwood. This truly captivating fragrance is topped with a blend of fruity notes of Pineapple, Raspberry and Peach Candle Color Soft Aster

IndulgeRich brown sugar layered between sweet applesauce and tart apples. Sprinkled with cinnamon and clove to complete this irresistible delight! Candle color Brown Sugar

KaffeAn edible indulgence! Strong coffee enriched with sweet caramel! Ultimately a warm inviting aroma blended with creamy vanilla! Candle color caramel

KathinaIntroduced in March 2003 Sensual lily of the valley intertwined with citrus and rose. Very dramatic and overdone!!! Candle color red

LavishA beautiful floral bouquet with jasmine, lily of the valley, peony and honeysuckle. The enticing essence of this fragrance will envelop you in as sumptuous symphony of sensations! Candle Color Champagne

Limelight This invitingly clean, fresh fusion of pure mandarin oranges with a shocking touch of lime as a top note. A slight undertone of rich vanilla bean oil gives this a unique twist. Candle Color - Chartreuse

Lipstick(formerly known as Pomegranate) Gourmet berry fragrance with a hint of sweet strawberry and the tartness of pomegranates. Appetizingly different!!

Mediterranean FigSun baked Italian figs mixed with a hint of sandalwood and musk. Enticingly different and extremely memorable! Candle color Blush

Mulberry MomentsVery Victorian! Imagine sitting in the midst of a mulberry garden. Candle Color Burgandy

Mulled CiderRich apples blended with a dash of citrus, cinnamon & Clove. Candle color Cider

OriginalRoses, vetiver, lavender and spice with a hint of patchouli. Very old world! Candle Color - Celadon

Orange VanillaPure orange and rich vanilla bean together with a hint of spice to create and invitingly clean year round favorite! Candle color Golden Yellow

PMSFresh baked chocolate cake! Coconut shavings on top give it a unique added sweetness! Candle color Chocolate

ParisAn exquisite blend of bergamot, rose and wild berries. Truly luxurious and stunning! Color Antiqued Gold

PassionStrawberries sprinkled vanilla and coconut smothered in whipped cream. Comparable to Circle E's Bird of Paradise candle. Candle color Pale Pink.

Peachy King Your mouth will water with this sweet and juicy fragrance! Ripe peaches fit for royalty! Candle Color - Pale Peach

Pineapple CrushA tantalizing burst of fresh sweet pineapple. Truly mouthwatering! Candle color Pineapple

PrincessThe heart of this fragrance is early white flowers grounded in deep moss. Slightly obsessive and overindulgent! (Formerly Narcissus Paperwhite) Candle color White

Prestige The now and forever fragrance! Worldly, sophisticated, surprisingly sexy! The sweet smell of jasmine and rose will enchant and delight! Followed with the dramatic sandalwood, vanilla, cedar and musk to captivate and seduce! Candle color Gilded

PristineAn invitingly clean supremely luxurious fresh fragrance! Crisp white linen, fresh and invigorating! (Formerly Crisp White) Candle color White

Roughnrugged formerly TexanVery masculine, yet fresh and outdoorsy! A rich blend of vetiver, wood, tobacco, and spice makes this amazing fragrance a celebration of the rugged Texas cowboy. Candle Color Earth Brown

Sheer RainShockingly clean! A very overpowering fresh scent - will cover any odor. Candle color Deep Sage

SnickerdoodlesIn she baking or is it the candle? This fragrance combines rich butter cream with cinnamon, vanilla and a touch of coconut and pecans. Your guests will run to the kitchen to see what's in the oven! Candle Color Vanilla

SugarbabyInnocent and sweet! Sugarcane with a kiss of raw vanilla, sweet milk and cream undertones complete this impeccable fragrance! Candle color powder white

Stardom Created for the young at heart. This beautiful fragrance begines with top notes of mouthwatering watermelon, mandarin, and pink passion fruit. Heart notes of tuberose and sophisticated princess lilly lay over marigold and green apple. Base notes of caramel creme brulee and vanilla meld with elegant precious woods and patchouli. Candle Color Pale Gold

Tyler RosesKnown all over the world for its prize roses. This is the only fragrance worthy of the name - Tyler Rose!! Candle Color Pink

2Spoiled A complex dramatic blend of over 350 rare essences! Created for those who have everything their heart desires! Candle Color Pale Gold

Tyler formerly PanacheBursting with the medley of currant and grapefruit. A dash of green undertones adds an opulent twist! Firmly grounded with confidence! Candle color Camilla Sage

24KOne of our most exquisite scents - rich currants with green undertones. A Hollywood favorite! (Formerly Red Currant) Candle color Golden

TwentyFourSeven GLAMA truly dramatic feature! For the women to which glamour is not an option but a true necessity! Who would simply just NEVER.....Voluptuous vetiver, vanilla and heliotrope combined with violet and jasmine make up the heart of this creation, then mandarin, succulent peaches and green ivy complete the soul! Candle color Apollo Gold

Vanilla RumbaRich vanilla with a twist of rum!!! The crème de la crème of vanilla candles. Candle color ecru

VIPBold mandarin & decadent Brazilian oranges swirl with Italian bergamot to build and intensify a frenzy for the elite! Sage, ylang ylang, cedarwood insprire an upscale undertone. Not conceited...only convinced. Candle color - Fatique Green

Warm Sugar CookieAlways one our top three best selling fragrances year round! Rich sugar cookies baking in the oven with zero fat grams!! Candle color Tan

Warm CinnamonEverything to remind you of home sweet home! Warm, spicy and inviting!!! Candle color- Rust

Wisteria LaneClassic Peony & feminine Lily of the Valley blend to create a powerful debut! Indian Jasmine melds with a fresh burst of fruit to surprise and delight! Precious Woods, soft musk and rich Amber tones create a mysterious finale! Candle Color - White

Tyler Candles

Candles have been used throughout the ages for aesthetic and utilitarian purposes. It's not known exactly when candles got their start, but there is evidence that ancient Egyptians used a primitive form of the candle, which consisted of reeds soaked in tallow. Cultures around the world developed their own form of candles to light their way during dark times. Today, candles can be used to add warmth to any home.

Tyler Candle Company uses only premium waxes and most luxurious fragrances available to make their candles. Each candle will fill a room with enchanting aromas just minutes after being lit. Tyler Candle Company has an exhaustive list of fragrances available, including Blueberry Blitz, Eggnog, English Ivy and Mango Tango, to name just a few! We carry jar candles, candle gift sets and stand-alone candles!

Tyler Candles and Candle Safety Always remember to practice safety when using candles and never leave candles unattended. If you have many candles lit in one room, it might be best to use a candlesnuffer to put out your candles. This will reduce the amount of smoke that comes from the candle after it is put out and reduce the chance of your smoke alarm going off. (Plus, it's charmingly old-fashioned, and can be a soothing ritual!)

Burning Instructions:

Please always remember: A lit candle is fire.

For optimum performance, do not burn for more than two hours at a time. Extinguish flame. Before wax hardens, insure that the wick is in an upright position and trim to 1/4".

Keep wax free of wick trimmings and debris.

Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Only burn candle in a draft-free area.

Never move or leave a burning candle unattended.

Only burn a candle on a heat resistant surface.

Discontinue use when 1/4" of wax remains...

There is a time to say goodbye.

Each product contains specific burning instructions to enhance performance and insure maximum satisfaction.

Proper Wick Placement:

Before lighting, please trim wick to 1/4" for best burning performance.

When burning our candles, the lead free wicks will develop a black "fragrance mushroom", while more condensed fragrances will develop a silver white ash. Each must be removed befire relighting to insure the candle's maximum performance. This is caused by the high volume of fragrance oils which have made our candles so popular.

Before relighting, trim wicks to 1/4". Always remove any wick trimmings & make certain there is no debris of any kind in candle.

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